Ed Bassmaster Live

Government-named Edward Rodriguez is a comedian and character extraordinaire whose expertise lies in the art of pranking. Recording these strange interactions in real time has established Bassmaster as a viral joker. With a current 2.67 Million subscribers on YouTube, it’s evident he’s cookin’ up something tasty with the perfect recipe. CMT recognized this, giving Ed his own reality-prank series, The Ed Bassmaster Show. Bassmaster has a handful of characters he rotates into his online videos, some of his most popular being Chip Diamond, Skippy, Always Teste, Randy, Emillio, I-Work Guy, Mumbles, Tequila, and more. Bassmaster has been so convincing, he managed to trick news organizations into believing a video he made alongside Youtuber Jesse Wellen’s was real! Check out their faux surveillance video below, as well as other Bassmaster clips to get a feel for his stunts and antics.