An Evening with Tanya Tucker

The Paramount proudly presents Tanya Tucker – Sweet Western Sound Tour on August 7
Outlaws. Movie stars. Washed out rodeo cowboys. Songwriters. Fashion designers. Guitar pickers. Real people. Late-night denizens. Superbowl Half-Time shows. Studio 54. Honky Tonks. Sedona. The Opry. Austin. Music City. New York City. Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall. Awards in the ‘70s, ‘90s, and ‘20s, #1 records in every decade but the 2010s.
Only Tanya Tucker can claim a resume like that: one long on living, not judging, creating, not looking back. When 2019’s acclaimed While I’m Livin’ won the GRAMMY for Best Country Album, and its poignant single “Bring My Flowers Now,” not only won Best Country Song but was also nominated in the all-genre Song of the Year
category, it was a powerful statement about authenticity, about staying power and about greatness. But that doesn’t always make the follow-up any easier.
Sweet Western Sound (Fantasy) is such a tour du force. Building on her collaboration with Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings (who co-produced Livin’), they dug deeper into the caverns and canyons of Tanya’s life. This time the music is bigger and more
immediate, the reckonings more profound; but as always, the heart is strong, honest, and willing to tell the truth about it all.
Staying with you is the essence of how Tanya Tucker endures. You hear that whiskey voice, which cuts straight to your most vulnerable places, and you’ll never forget. She’s lived life on her terms, her way, and that speaks volumes for a gypsy soul just looking to sing her songs and let the chips fall where they may. “I’m not a cowboy giddy-up, kind of western movie, like Slim Whitman,” she says of her cinematic journey. “But those kids, those 70’s west coasters in their funky hats and cowboy
boots, and jeans? You know, that’s what I relate to, this is a sweet western sound for them…”
“I’ve got a lot to say,” she concludes. “They say praying is talking to God, that meditating is listening to God. And I do a lot of listening.”