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Discover Boyd County, located in the Eastern Kentucky Highlands. In our county you’ll discover everything from the beautiful riverfront and historic Paramount Arts Center to our roots in the Country Music Highway.

From disc golf at Armco Park to ATV rides at Rush Off-road, art and adventure combine to create a unique experience for all ages!

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The county seat of Boyd County, Catlettsburg, Kentucky is rich in history. Incorporated in the 1850s, the city was named after early settler Alexander Catlett. Given the city’s ideal location, the concurrence of the Ohio and Big Sandy rivers, a number of industries have thrived throughout Catlettsburg’s history.

A collection of murals painted along the city’s flood wall pay homage to the region’s unique industrial history. The murals were designed to increase tourism in the area, as well as educate onlookers of Catlettsburg’s history. These impressive artistic displays commemorate a number of historical figures and events, such as local author Billy Clark. The murals also offer a glimpse into what Catlettsburg once looked like. The community was heavily involved in the creation of the murals, as many residents provided resources to ensure that the region’s history was represented truthfully and authentically. Despite years of weathering, the murals remain in pristine condition as a result of local artists who diligently attend to them.


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